We all love the sport of cycling and there are a good number of female cyclists out there …. but unfortunately sometimes cycling still feels like you’re stepping into the ‘old boys club’.  That’s what the Women’s Cycling Initiative is going to change.  Our goal is to connect female riders of all levels and spark a lasting passion for the sport of cycling. We hope to foster other women in the sport by setting up women’s friendly group rides and events, as well as a place just for women – somewhere to connect and hear about other women’s experiences in cycling.  Check out our RIDES page to learn more about all the different types of rides that we organize.

So, who is women’s cycling? Its you: a roadie, a cruiser with a coordinating basket, a fitness rider and weekend warrior. It’s me: a road biker, a mountain biker, a triathlete. From racing to recreation, we are passionate about all types of cycling and all women are welcome here!

One of the biggest focuses of this Initiative is connecting our female ride Ambassadors with other women starting out in the sport.  Learn from their experiences – and mistakes, ask questions and follow some of their great advice through our Ambassador Blog.  These 10 women represent all ages, all cycling styles and all ability levels. Their passion for the sport is clear and they are a wealth of knowledge, experience and inspiration.  If you’re not following the blog yet, check it out now!

Follow our Facebook Group, The Women’s Cycling Initiative by Newington Bike, to get connected with other female riders and stay in the loop on rides, events or to arrange meet-up rides.

Feedback or thoughts on what we can do to further this Initiative we would love to hear from you – email amanda@newingtonbike.com.

Cheers to a great season!

Happy trails, Amanda




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