Why I started riding my bicycle again…

26 years ago today my brother, Paul, was struck and killed by a drunk driver as he was riding his bicycle home in the early morning hours. He was riding back home from his girlfriends house to his home to get ready for work that day.  The driver crossed 4 lanes of traffic to hit him.


Fear is a funny thing:  It will let you believe you can’t do things that you once did; it will help create wild images in your mind just to keep you away from something you love.

I haven’t been on my bicycle in the last 4 years; Last year I realized I wanted a new challenge.  I wanted to get back on my bicycle and face my fear.


I decided a good way to get myself back on the bicycle was a goal, and a big one. So I decided to do a Century Ride for a great cause.  June 4th I will be riding one hundred miles for MS, Multiple Sclerosis. After I decided what my goal was, I noticed that Newington Bicycle where I bought my bike, has a Women’s Cycling Initiative Ambassador Program. The program picks a group of women for the year to represent the Newington Bicycle shop and share the joy of riding bicycles with women. I thought this was a perfect way to share my journey with other women! If I could get back on my bicycle, and face my fear then maybe it could help other women as well.


The most amazing thing is I signed up for the Century ride and I was chosen to be a Newington Bicycle Women’s Cycling Initiative Ambassador. I want to show women that cycling can be fun and safe.  To also show that a bicycle can take you places you never knew before. We don’t have to live in fear.


I hope you will follow my journey and even join me on my bicycle.  We can go one mile or one hundred miles.  Happy riding; it’s not the destination but the journey. Enjoy the ride 🙂


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