Obligatory bike pictures

Yay for my first blog post! I am so excited to be apart of the Ambassador program and to be able to share my journey with everyone.

My approach to blogging will definitely be a little bit different from most of the blogs. I just like to ride. I will mostly write about my experiences, and all of the ridiculous things that go through my head while riding. All clean of course 🙂

I just love to ride for miles and enjoy all the sites around me. The feeling of being on a bike is like no other, it’s a sense of freedom but for me it’s just plain fun. Flying down hills, trying to push myself as fast as I can and trying to beat previous ride times.

I don’t focus too much on my technique, which I probably should pay more attention to. I shift when I need to, I break when I have to and make hand signals when I am turning.

There is one thing that I always do during or after I ride. Take the obligatory picture of my bike in front of something scenic or just cool. As someone who has the tendency to look up all things cycling on Instagram and spend hours doing so, I see a lot of pictures of people just taking pictures of their bikes. I always liked the way it looked so I started to do it. I’m not usually one to jump on the band wagon, but I started doing it and I really liked it.

I think my bike looks cool, and I like taking pictures of where I’ve been. Each picture is an accomplishment of me getting out there and doing something healthy and fun for myself. It’s something that makes me really proud.

Be prepared to see more bike pictures as the season goes on 🙂

Happy cycling!