First Long Ride w/ Nutrition

For those of you who do not know I am training for my first 70.3 this year! I will be racing in August at Old Orchard Beach. Training has been going great so far and I am thankful for friends and family to train with most days.

There is one aspect of the training I am kind of dreading…..the nutrition aspect. This winter I started talking to some friends to see what they liked for nutrition and what worked for them. Of course everyone has a different opinion, a favorite Gu, a favorite drink mix….you get my point. Yesterday at work I asked Amanda a ton of questions about hydration systems for the bike and what mixes she likes. So, I am learning a lot, but I still am dreading this part of my training.

This morning I went out for a 33 mile ride and I said this will be the first day I try some food on the bike. I packed my little stick of Clif Shot Bloks the Craz-Razz flavor and told myself an hour in I was giving this a whirl. So fortunate for me at about an hour and five minutes in I was on this nice smooth road. I whipped out my Bloks and I ate 4 out of the 6. I thought they tasted pretty good. A little sticky in my mouth so I drank plenty of water after I was done eating. The even better part was for the next hour of my ride and for my run I did not have any stomach issues!



I am going to give a thumbs up to the Craz-Razz flavor and maybe grab a new flavor to try. I am still a little hesitant to try Gu just because of the concept of it. Solid food is little more normal to me than like baby food paste haha. I am sure at some point I will give it a try. We all have to start somewhere and today was the start of my nutrition journey.


What are you favorite nutrition tips, snacks, knowledge? I would love to hear everyone’s tid bits. Happy training 🙂

Hunter Ralston

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to kick nutrition to the curb and drink wine at the wine ride 🙂 Still time to sign up and join us for a Sunday Funday!!