Changing My Mindset

This is a big summer for me because I have a lot of races planned, which is a new concept for me at least in the endurance mindset. In the past I have only trained for one half marathon. With my new passion for cycling I really wanted to widen my range and try some different races. Not only did I decide to try different races but I decided to try a variety of different races (2 sprint triathlons, century ride, spartan race, & half marathon) and I plan on doing them all in one summer.

This is a big jump for me, meaning I have to really change my mindset in my training. The idea of training for one race is easy you figure out how long you need to train and  then start training and then your done. I have always enjoyed staying fit but unless I had an event coming up, working out was haphazard at best. My first sprint triathlon is coming up in 6 days and in the last week to 2 weeks I have done brick workouts in my new Newington tri-suit and tried out  open water swimming in a wet suit and tri-suit all of which I have never done before and is all new gear for me (which was fun and exciting!!!!!).

During and after all those triathlon specific workouts I was feeling excited and well prepared for my race (and super pumped about all the fun new gear). In the past I have always taken a bit more recovery prior to races than I probably should AKA the week to two weeks before I am doing 3/4 less training and honestly being a little lazy. This usually happens when I get the sense of feeling prepared. This has worked for the most part in the past because I participate in these events to have fun and finish, not necessarily meet any time goals (which may change in the future). So here comes the part of me needing to change my mindset. After having somewhat lazy last 2 weeks it hit me that after this first triathlon I am just getting started and that I need to be in race shape for the summer and into the fall. I have another triathlon in July which will be much more challenging, a century ride in September, a sprint spartan a week after that and then a half marathon in October.

So during this time of realization I needed to get motivated to avoid burnout and keep having fun. I have hit the gym more and worked on strength training which will improve all sports but is more specific to the Spartan. As well as I read Lindsey Vonn’s book “Strong is the New Beautiful” this book has given me a boost because she helps with nutrition and says you should find an activity you are passionate about and that boosted my energy to get back on my bike and get those miles for that century in September.

Any kind of race or sport has a very large mental component and for a bit I had a little mental burnout I was thinking I may have bitten off more than I could chew with 5 different events in one summer/fall that are very different. But now after a little change up in training (going with the flow a little more) and reading a book by the best Woman’s ski racer of all time (I was a ski racer in college, but I highly recommend the book) got me motivated to be a strong women and to not let anything become too daunting.