Mystic River Sprint Triathlon: My First Official Tri

Of course this is super late, and I am coming in close on my next tri of the summer…but hey life happens. I want to shout out to all the sherpas out there! I am noticing a trend in the other lady’s posts that without the sherpas race morning/day would not go smoothly without you! The unsung heroes of triathlons the sherpa….thank you to my sherpa my amazing boyfriend Jon!


My first race of the season and I could not be happier with how it went. I was of course looking at the weather for and entire 15 days prior to the event, and that was a stress that was not necessary. Because I live in New England and the weather changes every 5 minutes, and that is what happened for 2 weeks. A couple days prior to the race it said 60 and 80% change of rain, so I went out and bought some leggings from Newington bike. Being an athletic trainer and knowing how hypothermia works I went a touch overboard in thinking it would be a problem going from freezing water to cold and wet ride. In the end the weather was absolutely perfect 70 and sunny!

I am not going to go into a ton of details in regards to the race because I got so lucky in regards to weather that it was a very cut and dry experience. I want to talk more about how Newington bike family, and the women of the women’s cycling group made me feel like a pro my first time out. I attended the women’s triathlon clinic that was held in early spring which gave me so much really great information! It also gave me (won in the raffle) a wet suit which I would not have survived the swim, or even got in the water at mystic if I did not have that wet suit. The water was very cold and one thing I learned there is it is good to get in the water and get used to it before the race starts. 20170604_080438

At this clinic I learned so much about all the little accessories you need to make the experience smooth and fun! They taught me tips on how to set up your transition area, and how you should use lube when putting on your wet suit his makes it easier to get into the very delicate wet suits, and around your neck to prevent chaffing. In regards to the little accessories my boyfriend Jon is a bit more simple. He likes things basic so he had been giving me a bit of grief for all the stuff I had acquired, and brought race day. Once I was set up and he watched me go through each transition he soon realized each little thing I brought was well worth bringing. It may sound like I was that person who brought a ton and took up a lot of space, but I didn’t per the advice of my Newington bike ladies. (My bag was not there for the race time…thanks to my sherpa)20170603_20154920170604_073323

The one thing I think for those getting into triathlons is a tri-suit, being able to do all three disciplines and not have to worry about changing was very nice! I will say I added my regular riding jersey to my outfit to hold my chews and I like to have a short sleeve when I run (I know weird) and it worked. Little things such as putting your chews in your jersey so all you have to do is zip is up, and pin your running number to the belt prior, and put one sock in each shoe. All these little tips made me feel so efficient in the transitions and put a smile on my face moving into the next leg of the race.


Overall it was amazing and I cannot wait to do my next one! I definitely had that post race high and was thinking about the next big challenge. Thanks Newington Bike for pushing/encouraging me into this great world of cycling and triathlons.20170604_095716