Cedar Lake Tri Race Recap

A couple of Thursday’s ago I decided I would race Cedar Lake. I always love the Lake T/Cedar Lake series, but when I race on Saturday (which has been happening frequently) I do not like to race the Thursday before. So, this Thursday happened to work out for me to race. It was after work so as always I was a little tired and not totally in the mood to race. The weather wasn’t awful, but defiantly not the warmest it could have been. I set up my transition next to my Dad, did a quick swim warm up, and it was go time.

My thought process was I will go as hard as I can just to test myself. I figured if I raced well, awesome and if I didn’t oh well. So, the swim I pushed myself knowing it was a shorter distance. The swim went great. To my surprise I got out of the water right before my Dad…..;)

Then we were off on the bike. I have ridden the course before so I knew what I was in for. A fast section in the beginning, some climbs, then some fast sections at the end. I passed a some men, but it was hard to tell where I was standing overall. I felt good on the bike and was ready to tackle the run.

I came into transition and all I could hear was my Mom telling me I was the 1st female, but 2nd was right behind me! My little brain was like, “Okay, Hunter here we go. Give it all you got. If it works out great, if you blow up oh well.” Off I went…..I stuck with a guy the whole run. I like to think we were pushing each other….or maybe he was just pushing me. Again, I knew the run was flat and pushed as hard as I could. I got to the turn around and was ready to see how far back 2nd place female was…..all I was thinking is she is right on my tail this is going to be a sprint finish. I realized 2nd female was a ways back, but I still wanted to push it. I had the opportunity to actually win a triathlon!! So, on the way back I stuck with the same guy and come to find out I averaged right under 7:00 min/mile….I think the official time was 6:58 min/miles. I had never run a 5k that fast before!

And, there I was making the final left turn, headed to the finish and the FIRST FEMALE! I am still in shock a few weeks later. I can not believe I have won a triathlon. Yes, I know it is a smaller local triathlon, but I still can’t believe I did it.

As always what makes this race so special is my friends, family, and people I meet racing. It is always nice to catch up with my tri crew after the winter away. It is always nice to have friends like Meg Pennington cheering me along. And it is always nice to meet racers who are so grateful for all that JD does for us and the tri community. It was a fun Thursday night that I will remember for years to come.

Okay, so here is blog 2 out of 4 about my races for the month of June. Stay tuned for a race recap from Pat Griskus and Xterra French River. Happy training ladies 🙂

-Hunter Ralston