Cycling for Sanity

I was recently at a Bachelorette party and I was talking to one of my best friends from college about her marathon training. Yes, it wasn’t all about drinking and being crazy. She has done many marathons including her most recent the Boston Marathon.

To me, running is probably one of the last things I would ever want to do. A mile is a struggle for me whereas 26.2 is literally something my own brain can’t comprehend. My first question to her was how do you do it, how do you keep your mind going? Every time my brain feels like telling my body go for a run (which isn’t often) I go through every emotion in my head. This sucks, I am too out of breath, how much longer, this hurts, Am I done yet, and more explicit words go through my mind.

Her answer was pretty simple; she has a stressful job and it’s her time to de-stress. She likes looking at the sites around her and discovering new places. It made me think about the reasons why I cycle and they aren’t much different.

While I don’t have nearly the same stress level in work as she does, I do get stressed and have my own issues that my head could take a break from. Cycling makes me feel free, I can see more parts of the world that I never would see and it comes natural to me. Mostly it makes me happy.

Sometimes all you need is to talk to a good friend to think more about what makes you happy. Whether it’s lacing up the running shoes, or pedaling miles and miles it’s always important to find your happy and don’t stop doing it. Or else your sanity may be compromised.

PS. Despite after riding miles and my legs are screaming at me, that picture is me being happy during a ride. All of the pain is worth it.