Hopkins Vineyard Sprint & Pushing for More Miles

Well what can I say about Hopkins Vineyard Sprint Triathlon? It was a beautiful scenery and it was hilly and hard. I was not ready for the hill on the run at all. I told myself prior I would not be disappointed if I walked, well there was no chance for me to jog the whole thing. I will say that overall I was disappointed in my performance, the race did not play to my strong points and exemplified my weaknesses. The ride was cut 2 miles/ one big hill short due to the road being closed because of a house fire, so when the ride ended at 10 miles I was a bit confused but a touch happy because that was more in the tank for the run.

The swim did not feel too long until I got out of the water and felt tired. It mentally drained me more than physically because there was a girl swimming just slightly in front of me the entire swim that I could not pass or avoid because she was swimming in a zig zag pattern and kicked me in the face every time she weaved my way. So that was very frustrating. I also hate to post such a negative post so the good aspects of the race: I could not have done it without my boyfriend Jon and even though I missed him as a sherpa I much preferred his role in this race to be by my side keeping a smile on my face, great food and atmosphere after the race, and I lost my little holder with a copy of my license and insurance card on the run and the race director mailed it to me! It was also very scenic especially the ride around the lake you just swam! Now I know for this race focus more on running hills prior!

Looking towards the future of the next race I had planned I needed to start really increasing my mileage for the century ride I have in September. So the Sunday after Hopkins Vineyard I did my longest ride ever of 61 miles with my mileage partner Andrew. It was great! I almost hit a dear and felt very accomplished that I felt good after that long of a distance. Then on Monday I put my gear back on, and did the Newington group Monday night ride and did 26.5 miles. So In 3 days I did 97.5 miles and in the last 7 days I had completed 110 miles and was tired, but was a much needed boost of confidence after my lack luster triathlon. And the most amount of riding in a week I have ever done!

Some changes in my goals also occurred in the month of July. My friend who convinced me to do the Killington Spartan backed out on me, and then I found out I will have to work that weekend, so it got crossed off my list. But I plan to go to the last Lake T triathlon series on Thursday August 10th, hope to see some of the crew there and redeem my confidence in the sport!

So 2 down and 3 to go on my goal board and continuing to learn new things along the way!