Boston Tri Race Recap

I was having a debate on what my last tri was going to be before Maine 70.3. I was torn between Niantic Bay and Boston. There was pros and cons to both, but my coach convinced me that Boston Tri was the right choice since it gave me more time before Maine. Luckily, because my parents are awesome, we went up the night before when I got out of work. This made the morning a little less stressful and I probably got a little more sleep.

Why was I excited for this race?

1. I was doing the sprint…..and not an olympic….boy was this going to go by fast.

2. My brother was racing which always makes the race that much better for me.

3. Both my parents were going to be there to cheer…..and of course take pictures

4. A bunch of the Nor’Easter Tri team was going to be there….which by default is my team now….so I was going to meet, race, and cheer with the team!

Race Morning:

My brother was going off in the Elite Wave of the Olympic Tri….aka 6:20am. My race was not until the Olympic race was complete, so I had plenty of time to get my bib, set up, wander around, use the bathroom, cheer, wander around, use the bathroom….you get my point. To be honest though I felt a little discombobulated because I had so much time. Regardless, I had everything set up in transition, and I knew which ways to enter and exit. I cheered on some of the Nor’Easter crew, and was anxious for my brother per usual (he ended up 2nd overall, behind a guy who was just 5th at Ironman Lake Placid).

I am not the best at warming up at the bike and run…..sorry coach, but I always warm up for the swim. The main reasons I wanted to do this race was for the ocean swim since that is what Maine is going to be. The water was a little chilly at first, but after a couple hundred yards I warmed right up. The wait until the start of the Sprint race was too long. They kept pushing it back and back and back… was a multiple loop course so I think they were trying to clear things up a bit before we went off. Finally, it was getting close to our turn.


Running under the big arch, right behind my coach, into the ocean, we were off swimming. After all these longer races a 0.5 mile swim seems like nothing. I was by myself most of the swim until the final stretch home. I caught up to some boys that I had to weave in and out of, but overall the swim went pretty smooth. We then had a run up the beach into transition.



Transition went fine. I was lucky that there was a big speaker near my bike so I knew which row to head down. The bike was a multiple loop, flat course. I knew the bike was going to be challenging because of lap traffic. Lets just say I was very VOCAL on the bike. I pretty much stayed on the left the whole time and was cruising by people. There was one other guy who I kept going back and forth with. Then there was a collegiate girl I worked with a little to pass some people on the causeway. The laps was not necessarily the problem, it was more this skinny causeway we had to go out on and turnaround. Thankfully, I am loud enough and not afraid to use my voice to let people know I am passing haha. I ended up having a really good bike. I felt good and with it being a flat course my legs were not really spent. Then I was off in T2 where more people were walking, taking their time, and confused that some of us were actually racing……but I managed a quick T2 and off I went.



I came out neck and neck with my coach. I knew I was right near her on the bike, but I never did pass her on the bike. We went off on the run together, but I knew it was going to be hard for me to keep up with her. I stuck with her for maybe a half mile and then she took off. The run was really flat. It was starting to get a little warm on the run, but it wasn’t unbearable. When I turned to the finish line I picked up the pace a little….but jokes on me we had to go down and around to finish, not just directly to the finish line…bummer! But, huge shout out to my coach, Vanessa, because she pushed me on the run. I think we both had a PR that day on the run!



Overall it was an absolute blast being cheered on by the Nor’Easter crew, my brother, and my parents. It was a blast racing with my coach. It was nice to get in the ocean before Maine. This race I would recommend. It is spectator friendly, they have a great crowd, and non-intimidating course. I ended up the 8th overall female in the sprint and 2nd in my age group, just 59 seconds behind my coach. It was a great final race before Maine 70.3……and it was nice racing a sprint distance race 🙂 Happy training like always my friends!

-Hunter Ralston