MTB Skills Series + Ride Wrap Up

This past Sunday our women’s mountain bike skills clinic culminated in a beginner friendly group ride at the West Hartford Reservoir.  The ride put the ladies’ new skills to the test when they tackled downed logs, rock gardens and roots on the trails. And everyone rocked it! It is amazing to see people totally new to mountain biking excited to give it a try, determined to conquer something new and having fun with new people!

I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to our women’s ride ambassador Diane for helping out with these events.  They would not be possible without you. Plus thanks for being a shining star example of proper technique out on the trail 😉

MTB Skills

Week 1: Body Positioning
“Attack/Ready” Position – eyes forward, light hands/heavy feet, high (wide) elbows, and wide leg stance.  We also talked about moving the weight forward and back on the bike, getting comfortable with the bike moving beneath you.


Week 2: Obstacles (Front/Rear Wheel Lifts)
We discussed front wheel lifts to get up and over obstacles such as logs, rocks, roots.  The emphasis was on shifting your weight as opposed to ‘pulling up’.  Once we were comfortable with the front, we moved onto isolated the rear wheel lift and then putting both together!


Week 3: Cornering
The final week of the skills clinic was all about working to carry speed through corners in a cornering drill and then also slow speed control in smaller figure 8 drills – which also force you to get comfortable turning both directions.  The progression from our cornering drills + cornering body positioning was awesome!


Putting it all together.  Skill work is great – but it is better when you can see the results of your hard work come together on the trails!  We took the ladies to the West Hartford Reservoir off of Farmington Ave.  There are a variety of trails here, from wider fireroads/doubletrack to more technical trails with rocks, roots and logs to challenge all level riders.  And the group did AWESOME!  It is never easy hitting new trails – especially for some of the ladies who were tackling their first ever off road group ride.  But everyone had a great attitude, we had some laughs, smiles and a whole lot of fun!  If you missed out on the mountain bike series this fall, sign up for our women’s off road program for 2018 where we’ll be offering more skills clinics and a monthly women’s ride!  Can’t wait to hit the trails with ya’ll again soon!



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