Bike Basics 101

In case you missed our Bike Basics clinic I wanted to give everyone a brief overview of what we talked about! I will try to keep it BRIEF, but we did cover quite a lot......   Pre-Ride Check (B.B.I.T.S.) Bounce-Give your bike a little bounce on the front wheel to make sure it is snug … Continue reading Bike Basics 101


If you have been following our Women’s Cycling Initiative on social media you have probably seen #wintermiles. You maybe thought, “Oh wow these ladies are nuts, its 15 degrees out.” You maybe thought, “I got my winter miles in today too.” Or, maybe you were just confused, and that is okay too. Many of us … Continue reading #WinterMiles

Elm City CX

On Sunday I braved the elements…..really I was forced to brave the elements because I pre-registered and didn’t want to lose my money. And really I worked myself up about the conditions for nothing. Lets rewind here….. Friday into Saturday it snowed. Then there were periods of rain Saturday and Sunday. That left snowy, slushy, … Continue reading Elm City CX