Metric Century/Century Training Program


Program Outline:
Educational Spring Clinic
Group Training Routes/Rides
Team Ride

Spring Clinic: March 20, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Looking to go farther this year? Then check out this clinic to help you learn more about building up mileage, downloading/route planning, nutrition/hydration for distance and more! We’ll be emphasizing some considerations for those who might be interested in training for a metric century (or century) but it can also be beneficial for any level road rider as well!

This clinic is also the kick-off event for our Women’s Metric Century Training Group. Get to know our ride leaders, learn more about ride structure/expectations and have some fun with us.

Ride Dates: 2018 Ride Schedule + Team Event will be announced at our March 20th Clinic!  Join us to learn more about the upcoming fun.


Dabney M.
Colleen J.
Heather P.
Laura B.
Hunter R.
Amanda B.