Shop Events

In addition to our service clinics, in 2016 we held several women’s only shop/ride clinics and events through Newington Bicycle. These clinics included a range of topics and covered Service + Safety, Intro to Triathlon and our always popular Ladies Night.

2017 Event Schedule (as of 3.3.17)

3/14/17 – Strength Training for the Female Cyclist p/b Mission Fitness

Join us as Kim, personal trainer at Mission Fitness, teaches a few key strength and cross training moves that can benefit you as a cyclist! We’ll talk about the key muscle groups engaged while riding and how to strengthen them.  Wear your workout clothes so you can try some of the moves for yourself! Great for all level riders.

4/26/27 – Women’s Only: Intro to Triathlon Clinic

A favorite from 2016 back again!  We’ll have a panel of female triathletes from staff to ambassadors and friends of the shop.  Learn the ins and outs of the sport and what/how/where to get started!  Even if you’ve already done a few events, come pick up some additional tips/tricks and meet other women in the sport!